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APR is a leader in the precision manufacturing of "difficult-to-machine" materials for aerospace and energy market. 
During the last 5 years, APR is focusing always more on the additive manufacturing process to integrate the traditional way to this new technology. 
APR is partecipating to several European and regional funded projects on the topic aforementioned. 
 The company is now searching for a brillant candidate to follow a brand new project named STAMP (Sviluppo tecnologico dell'additive manufacturing in Piemonte) that is focused on the development of new fabrication systems using AM technologies to produce parts for the aerospace market. 

Hiring opportunity
The candidate will be mainly focused on :
  • Topology optimization
  • Integration between traditional manufacturing and AM produced parts
  • Documental management
While experiencing the Engineering and Quality organization of the company in order to develop the result of the project and turn them into market opportunities.

Selection process
The candidate will be selected in a first step by Human Resources dept. and later on by R&D dept. and CEO.  Both motivational and technical aspects will be taken into account.