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Ellena S.p.A. is operating for more than 70 years as service provider for machining and assembly of mechanicals groups. 
Active in different industries and markets, from aerospace to Oil&Gas all over the world. 
The company is looking at this opportunity as a strategic branch to improve is service to customers. 
Merging the Additive Manufacturing power and flexibility with the deep experience in machining and assembling, in order to give a turnkey high quality service. 
Three fundamental stages that only who is operating since long time, with success, in high demanding industries, can give with and high level of quality.

Hiring opportunity
The selected applicant will be involved in the technical department and with the team will operate in the product industrialization, the machines set ups, tools design.
Increasing his knowledge will operate with the manufacturing team to connect the technical to the manufacturing stages.
Looking in prespective the role will play in the Additive Manufacturing process implementation, starting from the machine choice and set up, up to cost calculation and parts quotation until managing the operations: team member of an exciting business development.

Selection process
The company will select the candidate whose profile, not only satisfies the Specializing Master’s requirements, but is also suitable for the company. Abilities and skills of mechanical design, knowledge of shaping machines and of numerical control principles, knowledge of metallurgy. The profile is completed by a marked aptitude for teamwork and problem solving dynamics. 
The knowledge of lean manufacturing methodologies represents an additional element. 
The selection process will be made through job interviews, with the ownership and the staff. 
In order to reach a complete evaluation, the company has planned at least 3 job interviews.