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As an innovative technology reality, Prima Electro always aimed to cooperate in partnership with research institutes and universities. This project perfectly matches the interests of the Company, which is planning to introduce  its products in a market sector that will have a great expansion during the next years. 
In particular, the Additive Manufacturing theme will be implemented by developing a big machine and special software application programs dedicated to this technology.

Hiring opportunity
Prima Electro will offer to the 2 selected applicants a job opportunity, hiring them at the beginning of the Master Course (January 2017) through a HIGH APPRENTICESHIP CONTRACT (ex Art.45 - D. Lgs 81/2015).

Candidates will be integrated in the R&D organization. 
Following the necessary training, they will be involved in Software and Hardware engineering development to apply Prima Electro CNCs to the Additive Manufacturing Technology.

Selection process
For these roles, an in-house selection process is adopted. 
Prima Electro HR Manager, with the support of both Sr. Manager Software Development and Vice President R&D, will evaluate the candidate through two job structured interviews.