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FCA recognizes in Additive Manufacturing those elements of Technology and Innovation which are important values for the Company. 
The Additive Manufacturing Master’s program will be essential for FCA to develop and improve its know-how about these technologies, and it represents an investment in skills designed to explore how additive technologies could be applied to existing FCA operations, in particular developing  and re-designing parts for automotive application, and comparing Additive Manufacturing techniques to conventional ones, in terms of flexibility, production volumes, timing and costs.

Hiring opportunity
FCA will offer to the selected applicant a job opportunity, hiring her/him at the beginning of the Master Course (January 2017) through a HIGH APPRENTICESHIP CONTRACT (ex Art.45 - D. Lgs 81/2015).

The candidate will be introduced within FCA PD EMEA Prototypes in the CAD/CAM & Innovation  Dept. (that includes the Additive Manufacturing area).
The candidate will have the following tasks: 
  1.  Design for Additive manufacturing of components (both metal and plastics) for automotive application 
  2.  Virtual analysis of re-designed components 
  3.  Realization of parts via Additive manufacturing systems 
  4.  Economical break even analysis for parts production.

Selection process
The company will evaluate each submitted application. 
The profiles that will respond to the internal selection criteria will be contacted in a phone pre-screening interview. 
As a second step, candidates will be evaluated in an assessment center process, that will include logic and English language tests and group business case studies. 
During the final step, candidates will have individual interviews with HR and Business representatives.