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S.R.S. Engineering Design Srl

S.R.S. Engineering Design Srl promotes the use of Additive Manufacturing supported by the structural shape optimization techniques in both linear and non-linear domains in accordance with the so called 'think additive' strategy.

Therefore, SRD ED considers the participation to the program as a concrete opportunity to realize its company objectives and strategy.

Hiring opportunity
SRS ED will employ 1 staff through a HIGH APPRENTICESHIP CONTRACT (ex Art.45 - D. Lgs 81/2015).

The selected Master candidate will be directly involved in the company job context with the following duties: design and mechanical analysis of parts in the automotive and aerospace field with focus on the additive manufacturing production processes.

Selection process
The candidates selection process will be conducted in 2 steps:
  • CV pre-screening;
  • interview with the selected candidates.
The interview will screen the candidates soft skills like personal attitudes and motivations.
In a second step the interview will evaluate the candidates technical knowledge taking into account their aspirations.
Knowledge of CAE software tools and FEM based structural optimization methodologies is considered an asset.